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Descalant Sulphamic Acid

Descalant Sulphamic Acid
Descalant Sulphamic Acid
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Product Code : 10882538
Product Description

Sulphamic Acid is also known as amidosulfonic acid and sulfamidic acid with chemical formula H3NSO3 and molar mass of 97.10 g/mol. It is widely utilized as an acidic cleaning agent in order to remove rust & limescale. This acid is also a precursor to various sweet tasting compounds. In pharmaceuticals, it is extensively utilized in formulation of drugs for HIV, cancer, bacterial infections, and weight loss. Sulphamic Acid can be produced by treating urea with a precise mixture of sulfur trioxide & sulfuric acid.



  • Appears as white colored crystals

  • Insoluble in hydrocarbons

  • Has melting point of 205 degrees Celsius



• Plastic Industry : As a curing agent dyes & pigments
• Detergents : Used in sulphating, sulphonation & sulphamating reaction
• Catalyst : Used as a catalyst in esterification process sweeteners
• Removal of excess of nitrites in diazotization reaction (In dyestuff & pigment manufacturing)