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Pure Potassium Chloride

Pure Potassium Chloride
Pure Potassium Chloride
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Product Code : 10882536
Product Description

Potassium Chloride is an odorless white colored powder which is readily soluble in water giving alkaline solution. It is utilized in formulation of potash fertilizer to provide optimum amount of potassium for healthy plant growth. In pharmaceuticals, this compound is used for treating low blood potassium levels. It is known to have chemical formula KCl and molar mass of 74.5513 g/mol. Potassium Chloride is also used as an alternative to NaCl in domestic water softener units.



  • Soluble in water, glycerol, & alkalies

  • Odorless in nature

  • Has face centered cubic crystalline structure



Properties :

• Molecular Formula : KCl
• Molar Mass : 74.551 g/mol
• Appearance : White crystalline solid
• Density : 1.987 g/cm3
• Melting Point : 776 °C
• Solubility in water : 28.1 g/100 cm³ (0°C); 34.0 g/100 cm³ (20°C); 56.7 g/100 cm³ (100°C)

Specifications :

• HS Code : 310420
• Moisture % by weight max 0.5%
• Potash content as K2O% By weight min-58.0%
• Sodium (as NaCl) % by weight (on dry basis) max 3.5%
• Packing : 50 kg HDPE bag with inner liner